I get by with a little help from my friends

The title of this post (by John Lennon) is very true!  Last night Andrew and I went to dinner (minus the baby!) with a bunch of friends.  Wait, we just moved to York and already have friends?!

Andrew grew up in York and his good friends (and their spouses) still live here.  They have been very welcoming to us (me!) and were one of my “talking points” in my quest to move. Although I knew I’d leave behind my life in Columbia, it has made it so much easier knowing there are people our age to hang out with.

** I am especially lucky they have always welcomed me into their “group” from the beginning.  I’ve never had a problem making friends, but finding other couples to hang out with (that we both like!) can sometimes be challenging.  Having our friends here has been so wonderful and will definitely make life in a small town a lot of fun!

So last night we ate at a local restaurant called “The Garden Cafe“.  It’s right around the corner from our house and the food was delicious!  Fried green beans and sweet potato fries?  I could eat there every day!

I had a great time catching up on the “small town gossip” and actually knowing the people/places/things they were talking about!

A perfect example of what a small world it really is happened last night!  One of our good friends had her friend visiting from Charlotte and I sat next to her at dinner.  While getting to know each other I mentioned I was a property manager at The Woodlands of Columbia. Well… come to find out she worked for the same company in Clemson a number of years ago!!  Considering my company has only built about 12 properties total in the southeast I thought it was crazy!  And on top of that she grew up in Spartanburg (where my parents live!).

The female side of the table (we tried sitting by couples, but after a few minutes realized we would all be yelling at each other over the table, so we had to switch around!)






The guys must not think it’s manly to pose for pictures…

So after a rather stressful move and crazy holidays we had a great time with our friends.  They may not have known it, but they helped reinforce one of our reasons for moving!  And now I can hope they all start having babies (Hudson needs friends, too!).

  • Jennifer Wheeler Jones

    Awwwww I love it! We are so glad y’all moved here!:)

  • Katelan Mclamb

    Yall looked like you had an awesome time……hate we missed it!!