Cloth Diapers!

A few months ago I saw a friend on facebook posted about cloth diapers.  I didn’t know much about them and decided to do some research.  They looked pretty easy and best of all they SAVE MONEY!  I started looking into them before I left my job/moved and knowing we’d be losing one income made this something to think about.

After tons of thought and research we decided to get some! Now when I say WE, I really mean ME, because Andrew wasn’t excited about this, but considering I changed 95% of the diapers he was willing to play along.  I started by purchasing a few different types/brands of diapers, since there are SO MANY out there!  I went to

(they are located where I grew up in VA!) and used their 30 Day Test Drive to see if I liked using cloth diapers.  I can tell you they seriously will let you use them and return them, because I ended up not liking 2 of the brands I had purchased and I’ve already returned them!  So if any of you want to just try cloth diapers out, I highly recommend doing it!

There are a bunch of different types of diapers.  My favorites so far…

1.  Bumgenius Freetime:  They have the inserts already attached, so you put the diaper on and throw the entire thing in the wash.

2.  FLIP covers and inserts:  You put an individual insert inside a cover and when you go to change baby you can just reuse the cover with a different insert.

3.  FuzziBunz:  These are “pocket diapers” which means you stuff an insert into a “pocket” of the cover.  They require about 20 seconds longer to prep but they are really soft!

Most people I mention cloth diapers to freak out and think they are gross.  I haven’t had one blow-out  (where poop spills out the diaper, eww) while using them, but with disposable diapers I had plenty of them.  Also, even if Hudson has really peed the fabric feels dry (it’s designed to!).  So he is never left to sit in a soggy diaper!  Here are the easy steps to using cloth diapers:

Step 1.  After you purchase cloth diapers you have to “prep” them, which basically means wash them a bunch of times to get them to “maximum absorbancy”.

Step 2.  Put diaper on baby.  I bought diapers with snaps and they are extremely easy to put on!

Step 3.  When it’s time to change the diaper, just take it off and put it in a “wet bag”.  This is basically a lined bag that holds the wet/dirty/smelly diapers inside of it until they are ready to be washed.  Here is a pic of one of my wet bags!

Step 4.  Every 2-3 days take the wet bag and empty the contents in the laundry, along with the bag itself!  Wash on 2 cycles with a diaper-safe detergent, throw them in the dryer, and VOILA!

Major Savings: Using cloth diapers is extremely easy and will save you tons of money.  I’ve read statistics that you will spend an average of $3000-$5000 on disposable diapers for one child.  It costs about $300-$400 to get a good stash of cloth diapers and then you are done.  Although you have to wash them frequently the cost of running the washer and dryer is extremely insignificant in relation to buying more diapers.

So… I LOVE using cloth diapers on Hudson!  They are really cute on him and surprisingly easy to use!  If anyone has any questions or wants me to go more in-depth about using them, please contact me because I’d love to share!


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