Drumroll Please….

After about 8 months of house-searching the decision has been made and the papers have been signed.  We are building a house!  AHHHH!!!  There is so much to say and you will all get to follow along while we go through the process.  Actually, there isn’t much of a process, just waiting 🙂

Our good friends just moved into a new home and we took a look at it and the lots available last week.  Everything was amazing and just what we needed and were hoping for!   Tonight we sat down with the builder and he’s going to start getting the permits tomorrow!  I feel like I should be typing in ALL CAPS to let y’all know how excited we are.

The details:  4 bedrooms, 2 baths.  About 5-6 minutes from Andrew’s parents.  On the lot next to our friends (who just had a baby!).  And did I mention BRAND NEW?!?!

I already let the builder know I’d be buttering him up with homemade sweets and that Hudson and I would be visiting (with our hard hats, of course!).  So HAPPY VALENTINE’S TO ME!  AND YOU!!

Here are my sweet valentines!

And to finish off this is Hudson riding in the buggy for the first time yesterday at the grocery store! (I have since returned that cart cover and purchased a different one!).  He sat up for about 2 minutes and then just flopped over and propped his head on the blanket for the remainder of the shopping trip.  So sweet.

  • Joe

    If you put Hudson in one of those shopping carts that looks like a NASCAR car then he wouldn’t have fallen asleep. And you would be training him to be a famous race car driver. 

    • Andrew

      This sounds like a great idea!

  • Laura Croft

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is crazy exciting!!!

  • Susan Enright

    Hudson is SO adoreable; I just love that sweet face and peach fuzz hair.  Of course, the fact that I’m his grandmother doesn’t influence my judgement at all.  We are looking forward to next week very much!  Love you, Susan