First Food Attempt

At Hudson’s four-month pediatrician appointment this week we got the go-ahead to start feeding him rice cereal.  I am planning on making all of Hudson’s baby food, so I wasn’t too keen on feeding him cereal.  However the doctor recommended we start with the cereal and can begin with fruits and veggies when he is 5-6 months old and has the whole “eating” thing down.

As you can imagine it was a messy adventure!

He didn’t quite know what to do with the cereal and kept pushing it out of his mouth with his tongue!  He never cried or fussed and kept moving it around in his little mouth to the best of his abilities.

Of course we had the cameras in his face and he kept smiling at us like “isn’t this what I’m supposed to do guys!?”  We’ve also recently taught him to “blow” with his mouth so he was doing that, hence pushing out the food I had so nicely placed inside his mouth!  What a cutie.

The doctor said our goal should be for him to be eating 6-8 tablespoons of his cereal each day (we mix it half cereal, half breastmilk).  I like to think that at least 25% of the cereal made it down his throat!  Until next time….

Here is the video of the first few minutes of him trying rice cereal!