Hudson’s Baptism

My sweet boy was baptized on Sunday, February 26.  In short, baptism is an initiation into the Christian church;  you are washed clean of sin, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within you, and you are formally incorporated into the Body of Christ.  Hudson’s journey only begins with his baptism and it will one day be his own choice to reaffirm the baptismal vows we took for him.

We had a wonderful weekend with family and a beautiful service performed by the Bishop.  In our diocese, Bishop Waldo has about 64 churches to oversee, so it was very special for him to visit The Church of the Good Shepherd and also baptise Hudson.

Bishop Waldo and Hudson Lee

Happy baby after the service

Andrew, Hudson and me with his Godparents (Phillip, Meridith and Michael)

In the Episcopal church boys have two Godfathers and one Godmother, and the opposite for girls.  Meridith is my best friend and Phillip and Michael are Hudson’s uncles.

Sweet baby feet

Beautiful cake to celebrate!

We ordered our cake from The Cotton Belt Bakery in York.  When I tell you it was the most delicious cake I’ve tasted, I am not exaggerating.  It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend anyone in the area ordering any cakes (or pies) you need from Marsha Black.  She decorated the cake beautifully and I couldn’t have been any happier!  Sadly enough, there weren’t many leftovers!

Hudson with his Sterling Silver teething ring he received from his Emie and Papa Joe! It's inscribed with his initials and the date of his baptism

We had a great weekend and are excited for Hudson to grow stronger in his faith as he gets older and can appreciate the vows we took on his behalf at his baptism.


  • Andrew

    That cake was freaking amazing!!!