Life is a Highway…

The past few months have been extremely exciting for our family.  Hudson’s birth, Andrew’s new job in Charlotte, me leaving my job to stay home with Hudson, a move into Andrew’s parents house in York, and now we’re building a house.  That is enough to exhaust anyone, but I don’t see our lives slowing down anytime soon!  Now we have another big decision/event we have been working on and it’s time to share it.

As a parent you want everything to be perfect for your child, no matter what.  Now don’t get off your rockers, Hudson is absolutely fine.  There are no tissue boxes needed, just a little support!  Around the time Hudson was 3 months old I noticed the back left of his head was a bit flat.  After asking my pediatricians about it, they both mentioned it was cosmetic and not to worry about it.  Well, I wasn’t a fan of that answer and had been thinking more about it.  Then about a month ago I was going through my Google Reader and Erin at Blue Eyed Bride posted about her son and the decision they were making to correct the flatness on his head.  I truly felt like God was giving me a sign.  Right away I started doing a lot more in depth research and after discussing it with Andrew, we made an appointment with Cranial Technologies in Charlotte.

Before the appointment I repeatedly asked Andrew “what’s the worse thing that will happen, they tell me I’m nuts?”  So we went to the appointment and they confirmed what we’d been thinking.  Hudson has moderate plagiocephaly and would benefit from receiving a Doc Band.  After much thought, discussion and prayer we decided it is definitely what we are going to do for him.

He will get his Doc Band March 19 and will wear it for 10-12 weeks for 23 hours a day.  At first it is pretty daunting to think about, but what I keep asking myself is what would I tell Hudson when he comes to me in 10-15 years and is being bullied because his head is misshapen and I turned down the opportunity to fix it when he was an infant?  I would be heartbroken.  The treatment therapist we met with compared it to braces;  if your teeth are crooked you wear braces to correct the problem, this is no different.   The helmet weighs only 6 ounces and is specifically made to fit his head shape.  It doesn’t bother him at all and all the parents who have posted online say the babies don’t even notice they are wearing it!

I’ve seen babies with helmets before and didn’t really know what they were for, but I am now better educated to know it is to help re-shape their heads.  Hudson’s brain is not affected by this and if we didn’t do anything to correct it he would not have any problems later in life other than his head not being symmetrical.

I’ve already started brainstorming how I will “decorate” his helmet and he will be sporting a gamecock theme- duh!

Gamecock from birth!

I’m sure we’ll get some weird stares and lots of questions, which is fine.  I will be battling with myself over not wanting people to think there is something “wrong” with my baby.  But in my heart I know this is what’s absolutely best for him and I am thankful we are able to do this.

So when you see Hudson in pictures with a helmet, don’t worry, he will be the same cute monster we all know him to be!

  • Mary Beth

    This is your best post to date!

  • Laura Croft

    So funny you mentioned the blue eyed bride because I was going to send you over there if you hadn’t! Hudson is going to look so cute in his helmet!!! You are such a good mom!

  • Janny Daniels

    I just found this blog and have to say- I’ve loved catching up with what’s happening in your life. What a beautiful expression of your life. This has brightened my Sunday morning!

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