New House Update 3/12/2012

On Wednesday, March 7 I headed over to the site to meet with Rick (the builder) and drop off the weekly goodies, s’mores brownies.  I had the chance to meet Michael, who works for Rick and is the “man in charge” of our house being built!

As we drive up...

Looking through the house

Attempting to strike a pose in my closet... but Rick isn't quite as good taking pictures as he is at building houses!

On Sunday, March 11 we headed to our house to make some decisions about wiring and check everything out!

Windows are wonderful!

Back of the house

Looking up to the roof!

Monday, March 12 I went to deliver treats, this time 7 layer bars, nom nom!

Shingles have been installed and the HVAC guy was hard at work inside!

I am so excited every time I drive up to our house!  Now that the walls, roof, windows are all under way/completed things will appear to slow down.  Instead, the progress will just move to the inside.  It’s sounding like there is a possibility the house will even be completed before we originally thought (which was the end of May).  So we’ll continue to say our prayers and enjoy watching everything as it happens!

Hudson getting excited to visit our house today!