New House Update 3/18/12

On Friday, March 16 I headed over to check out the house and discovered a bunch of guys installing sheetrock jamming out to some latino music at full blast.  Whatever works!!

Andrew and I were weary of stopping by today because it rained most of the morning and we knew it would be a mud pit (because we may have made a late-evening trip last night to peek at the progress and saw dirt.  everywhere.)  So please excuse my Sperry’s and rolled-up jeans in the pictures… I preferred to keep the mud at the site and not all over my car, clothes, etc.  So on Sunday, March 18 we discovered…

Our front yard has been ripped apart for what I believe is the septic system. I'll know more tomorrow once I speak with Michael to clarify!

TA-DA!!! The sheetrock is being sealed, or whatever the word is for filling in the gaps/nail holes

Hudson and me in the master closet! Amazingness!

Standing in the living room and looking through the opening to the kitchen and breakfast nook.

In the bonus room upstairs!

Front porch. Can't wait to get a swing or rockers!

This week’s dessert for my builders is Banana Spice Cake.  Just finished baking it and had a little taste- delicious!