New House Update 3/6/2012

Wednesday, February 29 the slab was poured for the garage!  yay!

Thursday, March 1 the framing was started and finished for the floor and the plan was to have it inspected friday morning to go vertical!

The beginning of floors!

Hudson is excited to be standing in his new garage!

Our bathtubs, just hanging out in the yard!

Friday and Saturday it stormed like crazy.  BOO!

So guess what happened on Tuesday, March 6?  WE HAVE WALLS!

Isn’t this great?!  The only problem is I JUST remembered Andrew and I were supposed to choose the colors for our siding and shutters tonight- oops I’d better run and get on that!

And just to update y’all on the sweet treats for Rick.  The first week I made a whipping cream pound cake and last week was homemade banana pudding (no mix!).  I’ve been sick so I’m a bit behind this week.  Any suggestions on what to make next?

  • Joe

    triple chocolate cake would taste good!

    • Kelly

      kinda like the one we have in the kitchen right now from Rowena’s?  yum!

  • Susan Enright

    How about a Coca-Cola cake?  I have a great recipe.  

    • Andrew

      That sound very interesting… we may just have to give that one a try! I will volunteer to do the taste testing to make sure it turns out ok.

      • Kelly

        and I’m sure that would go along with your “healthy eating”, right Andrew?  Sue, I’ll have to get the recipe from you!