New House Update 4/4/2012

Yesterday was the drop off for the weekly goodies to my builders (last week was Buttermilk cake with yummy icing) and this week I made my favorite yet: chocolate sour cream pound cake!  With all this baking, I am definitely going to need to acquire a mixer before I move into my house, because right now I’m using my MIL’s (that’s Mother in Law, ppl!)

As usual I was amazed with the progress!

A DRIVEWAY!!! No more trudging through the mud!

All the scraps being burned- guess this means we are really getting close to done!

Sorry for the awful lighting, but the light fixtures have been hung! And a microwave!

My favorite part of the house!

Bathroom light fixture- I love it!

Fan in the master. AKA: Andrew's must-have!

I love how all the fixtures are the same style, but different.  If I remember correctly, some of the flooring will start going in on Thursday and the countertops in the kitchen on Friday (I think!).  So then we will be waiting on the last bit of paint and a few more random things and then we can MOVE IN!  AHHHH!!!!