Pictures and Videos, Oh My!

With all the craziness that is happening in our lives, it is time to share some pictures and videos of what’s been going on recently!

Playtime with dad!

I can sit up all by myself!

So sweet...

Relaxing in the recliner!

Visiting with my parents!

Auntie Darby

When I visited Spartanburg Darby and I went to Weecycled Wear, a huge baby/kids consignment sale.  Darby was a ninja and went up and down the racks grabbing everything she knew I’d want before anyone else had a chance to snag anything!  This was my second time going to this sale and it was awesome!  I was able to get some great smocked outfits and church clothes for Hudson.  Most of the items I purchased ranged from $1-$15 each.  I’d never buy these clothes brand new because of the prices, so this is a great opportunity to get things for a lot less!  Any of you with kids need to google consignment sales!

Naked Boy!!

Hudson LOVES to wear only a diaper, and if I’m brave I’ll “treat” him with some nakey time- he always giggles the entire time!

Before we got the Doc Band!

Testing out the sofas at La-z-boy

Andrew and I visited La-Z-Boy last weekend and Hudson had a ball climbing all over the sofas and just being cute in general.

This one is comfy!


1. Hudson’s favorite teething toy… a carrot!  We keep one in the fridge for him at all times!

2. Hudson playing on the floor with some toys in the beginning of March

3.  Another one from earlier in the month… “practicing” standing with dad!

4. Hudson playing in his new “jumperoo”. He loves it (and I do too, since I can get things done while he’s busy playing!

5.  The most random things are the most entertaining… Hudson loves to play with a bear that Andrew has hanging from the ceiling fan!

  • Ritamarthe

    Hudson is one of the truly great babies of all time.