Random Happenings

A few random happenings in my life right now…

1. My dad came to have lunch with Hudson and I Monday and rode his Spyder motorcycle.   Here is a cute pic!

2. This past weekend Andrew was munching on some carrots and Hudson decided to grab one from him and start gnawing on it.  It was hilarious, so we just let him enjoy!  He hasn’t really started eating food yet, but I’m sure it felt good on his gums!

3. I’ve now tried to feed Hudson sweet potatoes and avocado and he wasn’t having it.  He’d swish it around in his mouth, spit it out and look at me like I’m crazy.  3 spoonfuls in and he was done each time I tried!  So yesterday I gave in and purchased 4 different flavors of baby food.  My plan is to figure out what he likes (which is easy when the jars are already prepared!) and then I’ll make the foods he likes from the actual fruit or vegetable.  Our first try today was a success- pears!

Not a fan of sweet potatoes, just like daddy!

4. I caught Andrew’s cold last weekend and I’ve been suffering every since!  The hard thing with breastfeeding is that most of what you put in your body will somehow go to the baby, so I can’t take the normal meds for the symptoms, such as DayQuil.  Instead, I’m stuck with Tylenol and Claritin, which don’t really help much.  It really stunk when I had that “I want to be taken care of” feeling and then I realized that wasn’t going to be happening- Moms don’t get “taken care of” because they are DOING the “taking care of”!    So I had a mom moment and I realized that in the future every time I get sick I won’t be able to mope around and wallow in my sickness.  That’s one of the things they don’t tell you in the “What to Expect” book…

5. Hudson is really improving on sitting up by himself!  He is really enjoying playing with toys and one of his new favorites is a “laptop”.  The funny thing is that he likes to close it every time it is opened up.  He will close it over and over and over….

6.  We’ve been cooking healthy at home while everyone is trying to shed a few pounds (except me!) and I’ve found a new cookboook that has awesome meals but are still pretty low-cal.  It’s by Patti Labelle and I highly recommend checking it out- I have borrowed it from the library but may need to purchase it!

7.  Walmart-  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the people in the York Walmart are extremely friendly.  People are usually shocked to see Hudson in a baby carrier on the front of my body (vs. a carseat I guess?) and always want to look at him, which is hard considered he is smushed up against my chest, usually asleep!  I can’t ever get out of there without being stopped about half a dozen times!  And as usual, I only have to wait behind one person to checkout!  York is SO different!  P.S.  Anyone with a baby shouldn’t prop the carseat on the top of the buggy where kids are supposed to sit.  It’s extremely unsafe for the baby if the carseat falls out.  I just put Hudson in a baby carrier or put the entire carseat in the buggy.

8.  This pic is just too cute not to share!  When I was shopping for a dress a fen w weeks ago my little man kept me company from a rather unusual spot!

Apparently my legs are good for helping stay balanced!

9.  Cloth diapers continue to be a success and I’m really proud of myself for using them 100% of the time!

That’s all for now, folks!  Here is a pic of our little family!

  • Andrew

    It appears that I am not the only one that isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes!