I finally feel like I’m starting to settle in to a routine and it feels GOOD!  Hudson and I are figuring out how to entertain each other and get through the day together.

Each morning after he wakes up I put him in bed with me for some food and cuddle time!  He is so sweet and loves to just talk and wiggle around.  Another favorite time during the day is when Andrew gets home from work.  It is truly unbelievable to watch Hudson’s face when his dad gets home- you would think that his entire day was miserable up until that point (which of course it wasn’t!).  They always have fun together in the evenings when I’m cooking dinner, cleaning up or doing something that generally can’t be done while watching a baby all day.

Another part of our routine is the grocery store;  at my in-laws we hit up the g-store almost every day.  It’s completely different from how I lived in Columbia, where we’d trudge to the store about every two weeks and stock up.  Here, we just buy what we need for the immediate time and don’t buy what we won’t eat.  It’s smart because you don’t waste food or money.  So anyways, when I went today I had Hudson in the baby carrier as usual (I wear him on my front and his sweet fluffy hair always sticks up over the top of the carrier) and was just wondering around.  I saw some friends and we were just standing in the medicine aisle chatting about life.  Then as I was checking out the cashier said “Oh, you brought him again! He’s so cute!” and was peeking at Hudson the whole time.

Now these encounters may not seem like anything important to you folks out there, but when I was driving through the parking lot I realized something:  THIS IS MY HOME.  Seriously though.  I was able to chat with friends and talk about normal things instead of “Oh yea, we’re moving here soon blah blah” but instead we just picked up from when we saw each other Friday night!  And the local store people know me (or just my adorable kid).

Well anyways, this little town seems to be working itself into my heart and things seem to be falling into place… finally!   Now for a priceless part of our daily routine here is a video of Andrew and Hudson “rough housing” as I call it.  Each night before we Hudson settled for bed they play together and it is the funniest thing.  Hudson absolutely loves it and it is such a “boy” thing.  Whenever I try to do it with him during the day he usually just looks at me implying that I’m not “doing it right”.  Ahh, being a mom!

  • Andrew

    Yep… just one of our nightly routines! 😀

  • Liz Ann

    You’re officially a Yorkite (Yorkian?) when you become a Bi-Lo regular, this I have learned.