The Never-Ending Trip

On January 10 I headed up to Virginia for a week-long visit with my grandparents.  It turned into 3 weeks!

First off, you should all know my grandma is my best friend in the world.  As soon as I was born we bonded and have been inseparable since!  We’ve always been extremely close and I talk to her almost every day and now that I’m no longer working Hudson and I can visit her and Pappy more often.  Since we didn’t make it to Norfolk during the Holidays we decided to go in January when things settled down a bit.  Life had been a bit hectic, so I was ready to relax and have some good hang-out time.

Once we arrived, Hudson was ready to stretch his legs!  The drive up there wasn’t too bad, and we made it 3 hours before our first stop!  Traveling with an infant is an unbelievable challenge, especially when you are alone!



We played with a new toy that grandma had for Hudson and he was so proud of himself for sitting up!  His cute little toes just barely touched the ground on either side!

I had the chance to hang out with some friends from growing up and had a great time catching up and trying to relax!  However, if you read my last post, life has been throwing me some lemons recently… and they just kept on coming!  I was a bit stressed out and ended up spending about a day in the ER ( I wasn’t the sick one, I was just there for support!) and little did I know I ended up catching something too.

You know that feeling in the back of your throat/nose when you are getting a cold?  As soon as I felt it I ran to the pharmacy and grabbed some Vitamin C and tissues and was ready to battle it out.  I hadn’t been sick since before I was pregnant (!!!) and was hoping it was a little cold. Within 24 hours I was done for.  Thank goodness I was at grandma’s house.  She fed me and helped take care of Hudson while I was sick.  Of course he was in hog-heaven.

I love 7-Eleven, and I love Slurpees even more.  They feel amazing on a sore throat!

By the weekend I knew it was more than a cold and I had to find an urgent care center to visit on Sunday morning.  Sinus infection, bronchitis and ear infection.  All I had been taking for the previous few days of being sick was tylenol and Claritin (and slurpees!) since I’m still breastfeeding little man and I can’t take most medicines to combat the symptoms.   No wonder I was feeling so bad.

I postponed driving home and Andrew and I agreed I’d drive back once the meds kicked in.  Well the inevitable happened;  Hudson got sick.  I thought about just heading home the morning I realized he was sick, but after discussing it with Andrew we decided to wait it out.

My little sickling

After all, at home I’d be with Hudson alone most of the time and that meant I’d be up with him all night (sick babies = very little sleep) and then taking care of a miserable baby all day.  All of this on top of me trying to get better myself.  OR, I could stay with grandma and have her help me out and get to hang out with her more.  It was a no-brainer.  ( I know I signed up for being a mom and there will be many challenges such as mom and baby being sick at the same time, but I was lucky enough to be in a situation that would make it a little easier.  Perhaps God planned for us to get sick while we were in VA knowing that we would both be taken care of.)

It’s an awful picture of us, but it shows how bad we both felt.

Hudson and grandma taking a nap together.  He had the best time and was spoiled rotten.  He was so sweet when he was sick and just wanted to be held.

After he finally started feeling better we headed back to SC.

While being sick was really lame I am so glad that we were able to spend lots of time hanging out with grandma and pappy!  We had lots of opportunity for lounging and enjoying each other’s company.  We even fit in a bit of shopping!  I am lucky that I have a wonderful grandma that wants to take care of Hudson and I and a darling husband who didn’t think I was abandoning him!  (He may have started to wonder if I was EVER going to come home!)

  • Phoenix4u2

    So glad you are both feeling better and had a special time. I miss you all. Ellen