In my previous life (before moving to York) I was always on the go.  I loved my job as a property manager at a student apartment community and something was always happening.  If someone asked what I did with my day, I could rattle off a list a mile long.

Since choosing to stay at home with Hudson full time, there have been quite a few changes.  Friends frequently ask me what I “do all day,” and I usually can’t tell them.  People assume staying at home with a baby (or multiple kids) is easy and leaves you with lots of time to do whatever you’d like.  Well, news flash: it doesn’t!

For example, I just spent an hour today trying to convince Hudson that he wanted to take a nap on his tummy.  I have swaddled him every night since he was born, and it is time to get him out of that habit.  Last night I tried to “loosely” swaddle him and from the time I put him to bed until 2:30 he was awake every half hour.  Then I gave up and put him in bed with me.  oops.  He has never been given the opportunity to sleep on his tummy and lot of babies like it, so I’m going to see if it will help transition us out of the swaddle.   So that is where one hour went.

We ended up having 2 successful tummy naps!

At first, staying home made me feel like I wasn’t doing anything productive with my day.  There was an adjustment period from leaving a job where I was surrounded by enthusiastic college kids all day to just me and a baby.  Now I tell Andrew almost daily how glad I am to be able to devote myself to raising Hudson.  Of course there is a learning curve and frustrations, but I know I’ll never regret the decision to make Hudson my job!

So where does my time go, you ask?  Well a majority of it is changing diapers, feeding, burping, and playing.  I shower during his first naptime and his second is usually when I try to find what I’ll cook for dinner, research whatever baby/mommy thing I’ve recently discovered, etc.  For those of you who don’t know, babies like to be entertained and REALLY like attention.  So the in-between of napping, changing, and feeding involves concentrated playtime.  Our little man is in the middle of learning to sit up by himself, which means he can do it about 80% of the time just great.  But sometimes he loses balance and falls, so we have to be nearby to help him back up!

During our morning playtime!

I usually can’t stay cooped up in the house all day so I’ll find any excuse for us to escape!  Trips to the library to visit his Emie (Andrew’s mom!), grocery store runs, quick peeks at the progress on our house, stroller walks and really anything that spices up our day are welcome adventures!  I can’t wait until the weather is nice and we can just go out back and play.

So if anyone wants to know how we spend our time together every day, well, it’s basically having fun and being awesome.  Oh, and for anyone who hasn’t experienced a baby laughing, let me tell you about it.  When a baby laughs it is the absolute most addicting drug that exists; if I can make Hudson laugh it automatically becomes a goal to keep him going, so that takes up chunks of time.  I’m going to catch a video of it one day soon so you can all enjoy it too!

Hudson just discovered his feet!