Valentine’s Day Craft

I am obsessed with my child! Everything about him, actually, so when I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up I thought I’d do a little crafting that revolved around Hudson! He grows so fast so I thought I’d capture a bit of him for the family. I had no plans going into this, but here is what we created!

First we prepared Hudson for a mess.  We “borrowed” one of Andrew’s undershirts and covered the highchair with a trash bag.

Then, I painted Hudson’s hand and made the handprints on cardstock.  I was hoping to capture a picture of this but Hudson started screaming as soon as the crafting began and it was an all-out war to just get the handprints before we both lost our minds.  He was hysterical and if anyone had been watching they would have thought I was torturing him.

Then I drew a heart around his sweet handprints and cut them out.

Next I put them on pink construction paper and cut out another heart, and taped them to a piece of red construction paper folded in half “hamburger style”.  My original plan was to stop here and send them out.  But in my obsession with my cutie-pie, I decided I’d add a picture also, and I wanted it to be extra special…


So we “personalized” it to the occasion by making props!

Here was Hudson during all the excitement!

Picture time!!

After a quick trip to Walmart to have copies made, here was the inside.  The bottom picture was taped to the card, and the rest were just pics for the recipients to post on the fridge or wherever!