When Life Hands You Lemons…

We’re only 2 weeks into 2012 and I’ve already experienced quite a few challenges.  I’m trying to put everything into perspective and handle them as a responsible adult, because now I have a little one who needs me to be a sane, happy mom for him.

Some of my challenges:

– Baby Food:  (TMI alert)  We started Hudson on rice cereal at the suggestion of his pediatrician.  He loved it and was eating 2-3 tablespoons a day for a few days.  Then he stopped pooping.  After 3 days of no poop from a baby who was very “regular”, I became very worried.  I learned my mother’s intuition was correct on the idea I should NOT start him on rice cereal.  Apparently it makes a lot of babies very constipated, and a constipated baby is not a happy one.  So after a few suggestions from the doctor we are working on getting him “regular” again, and I’m waiting until he is 6 months old and I can make his baby food myself.

It is a challenge to watch your child be miserable and in pain, but I quickly remind myself that he is extremely lucky to be healthy and happy (most of the time!) and glad that we can make a small change to help fix the problem.

– Buying a House:  or NOT.  Andrew and I have been trying to purchase a house since July 4, 2011.  It was a short sale and we knew it could take awhile.  Well, 6 months into the process (including paying for a home inspection, resigning contracts and doing whatever the bank wants) Bank of America has decided they aren’t going to allow a short sale on the house.

So we are trying to figure out what the heck we are going to do; wait for the house to go into foreclosure (no telling how long that will take) or try to find another one?  We want to live in a very specific area and that makes it a little more challenging!

– I’ve encountered a few more challenges that aren’t quite “blog material” but they still exist.  What a year so far!


How I know I’ll make it through

– I recently purchased and began reading “The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible”.   It was written to be finished in a year, so my goal is to stay committed to reading and learning more about The Bible.  I want to raise Hudson in a strong Christian household and I know I can learn new ways to have a happier and healthier life for my family.

–  Hudson.  My beautiful baby makes everything worth it.  Whenever I get the least bit frustrated or upset I can just look at him and he is somehow the “medicine” I need at the moment.

–  Andrew.  (I’m not getting mushy, I promise!)  I’m lucky to have a wonderful, goofy husband who always knows how to make me laugh.  I think his goal each day is to do something to frustrate me, and without it I’d live a boring life!  He is a great dad and husband.

** So, when life hands you lemons… I say give me a Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea and I’ll throw those lemons in it and enjoy!

  • Laura Croft

    Your positivity is inspiring! Good luck with house hunting/buying!