Where’s Hudson?!

On Monday Hudson and I headed to Charlotte for his Doc Band appointment to get his new band, which was successful.  Afterwards I figured I should go sofa shopping since I was already in the “big city” and Andrew and I hadn’t found a chance to go over the weekend.  So I headed to Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go with Hudson in tow.  He’s so stinkin’ cute that everyone always wants to talk to him and he makes shopping even more fun!

Whenever I saw a couch/sectional I liked I took a picture so I could show Andrew later.  Because Hudson likes to eat everything, including my phone, I would position him on the couch when I took the picture so I didn’t just snap a photo of his mouth.  Last night when I was showing Andrew the pictures and we died laughing.  Here’s why…

Do you see Hudson?! I blocked him in with the pillows so he couldn't fall, not even thinking about how funny the picture would turn out!


Here I scooted the ottoman up against the couch in case he tumbled forward! He looks so stern in this one!

Just checking things out!

I’m still cracking up at these pictures!  He was a wonderful shopping companion and I wish I had gotten a picture of the couch set I think we are going to end up purchasing, but there was no way to block him in so he wouldn’t fall.

I’m headed to the Rooms to Go outlet (the sales guy let it slip that there is one in Charlotte!) on Thursday, so maybe I’ll have some more funny pics, but these may be the best because they were unintentional.  I can’t wait to show them to him someday, maybe to a potential girlfriend!

  • Andrew

    Hahahaha!!! That is awesome! 😀