Baby Hudson – 6 months old

It is unbelievable to me that Hudson is already 6 months old.  I could tell you all how amazing he is and how awesome it is to watch him grow up, but I’m sure you know that.  So instead I’m going to post pictures from the beginning for everyone to see how much he’s grown.  Pictures are more fun anyways!

Night before Hudson arrived!

1 day old!

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

8 weeks old... helping mom pack up the apartment for the move to York!

3 1/2 months old!

4 months old!

4 1/2 months old!

5 months old!

I can sit up all by myself!

Handsome as ever...

6 months old!

Mommy loves you, Hudson Lee Tiblier!


New House Update 2/23/2012

On February 14 we signed the contract and met with the builder- exciting!  Well the next morning the builder (Rick) was already on our property checking things out!  He is well-known in the area and we’ve only heard great things about him, but less than 14 hours after meeting him he was already getting to work- I LOVE HIM!!  (tee-hee just in a “he’s going to build me a house!” kinda way).

Well I was going to head out there to take “before” pictures of the land so I could compare progress but Rick had other plans.  By friday (3 days after meeting him) he already had the driveway dug out and the dirt arranged where the house would be built!  So here are the pictures I took Monday, February 20.

It's OURS! I was thinking about getting some gamecock swag and decorating the sign... is that allowed?!

View from the road looking up our driveway


The first big piece of equipment!

The view of our land from my friend/neighbors' driveway. The grass is not ours- just look beyond to the dirt!


I think I mentioned previously that I told Rick (the builder) I was going to be baking him sweets.  It benefits us both; I like to bake but everyone in the house is “eating healthy” except me (duh!).  And of course Rick likes sweets so I get to bake AND keep my builder happy.  A perfect relationship.

I was excited when Rick picked up the permits to start building Wednesday.  Guess what he was doing the same day?  ALREADY STARTING THE FOOTING!!   I’m telling you, this guy is great.  For someone who has dealt with trying to buy a short sale, being able to see actual progress is giving me the chance to get excited!  Our friends Trey and Katelan just moved into their house next to our lot a few weeks ago and they have 3 kids (one who was born in December!)  I was joking with her because instead of being a house-stalker I’ll just be visiting her and the kids and HAPPEN to be seeing the progress on my house.        Win-Win again… I get out of the house and hang with a friend, Hudson gets social interaction (and he LOVES playing with different toys!) and the small coincidence of seeing my house.  Beautiful.  Hopefully Katelan doesn’t get tired of us!

Here are the pictures I took yesterday, Wednesday, February 22.

Digging the footing... basically the shape of the house!

The yard in front of the house

Well… before I had time to get the pictures into this post and publish it, you’ll never guess what happened.  MORE PROGRESS!  I was having an awful morning/afternoon and I received a text from Katelan.  It said “look at your house” and the picture was wonderful- my day turned completely around!

Here are the pictures from Thursday, February 23.

We are going VERTICAL!!


This monstrosity was digging the well. You see us country people don't use city water...

Mackenzie and Sawyer (Katelan and Trey's adorable kids) and Hudson and I just hanging out on construction equipment!

Rick is hoping to start framing on Tuesday.  That means we have to hurry up and pick out siding/shutter colors, paint colors for inside, and cabinet/granite colors!  AHH!!

Cloth Diapers!

A few months ago I saw a friend on facebook posted about cloth diapers.  I didn’t know much about them and decided to do some research.  They looked pretty easy and best of all they SAVE MONEY!  I started looking into them before I left my job/moved and knowing we’d be losing one income made this something to think about.

After tons of thought and research we decided to get some! Now when I say WE, I really mean ME, because Andrew wasn’t excited about this, but considering I changed 95% of the diapers he was willing to play along.  I started by purchasing a few different types/brands of diapers, since there are SO MANY out there!  I went to

(they are located where I grew up in VA!) and used their 30 Day Test Drive to see if I liked using cloth diapers.  I can tell you they seriously will let you use them and return them, because I ended up not liking 2 of the brands I had purchased and I’ve already returned them!  So if any of you want to just try cloth diapers out, I highly recommend doing it!

There are a bunch of different types of diapers.  My favorites so far…

1.  Bumgenius Freetime:  They have the inserts already attached, so you put the diaper on and throw the entire thing in the wash.

2.  FLIP covers and inserts:  You put an individual insert inside a cover and when you go to change baby you can just reuse the cover with a different insert.

3.  FuzziBunz:  These are “pocket diapers” which means you stuff an insert into a “pocket” of the cover.  They require about 20 seconds longer to prep but they are really soft!

Most people I mention cloth diapers to freak out and think they are gross.  I haven’t had one blow-out  (where poop spills out the diaper, eww) while using them, but with disposable diapers I had plenty of them.  Also, even if Hudson has really peed the fabric feels dry (it’s designed to!).  So he is never left to sit in a soggy diaper!  Here are the easy steps to using cloth diapers:

Step 1.  After you purchase cloth diapers you have to “prep” them, which basically means wash them a bunch of times to get them to “maximum absorbancy”.

Step 2.  Put diaper on baby.  I bought diapers with snaps and they are extremely easy to put on!

Step 3.  When it’s time to change the diaper, just take it off and put it in a “wet bag”.  This is basically a lined bag that holds the wet/dirty/smelly diapers inside of it until they are ready to be washed.  Here is a pic of one of my wet bags!

Step 4.  Every 2-3 days take the wet bag and empty the contents in the laundry, along with the bag itself!  Wash on 2 cycles with a diaper-safe detergent, throw them in the dryer, and VOILA!

Major Savings: Using cloth diapers is extremely easy and will save you tons of money.  I’ve read statistics that you will spend an average of $3000-$5000 on disposable diapers for one child.  It costs about $300-$400 to get a good stash of cloth diapers and then you are done.  Although you have to wash them frequently the cost of running the washer and dryer is extremely insignificant in relation to buying more diapers.

So… I LOVE using cloth diapers on Hudson!  They are really cute on him and surprisingly easy to use!  If anyone has any questions or wants me to go more in-depth about using them, please contact me because I’d love to share!


Shop Diaper Junction to save $5 off your first $50 order – Use coupon AFL550 – Some restrictions apply.


I finally feel like I’m starting to settle in to a routine and it feels GOOD!  Hudson and I are figuring out how to entertain each other and get through the day together.

Each morning after he wakes up I put him in bed with me for some food and cuddle time!  He is so sweet and loves to just talk and wiggle around.  Another favorite time during the day is when Andrew gets home from work.  It is truly unbelievable to watch Hudson’s face when his dad gets home- you would think that his entire day was miserable up until that point (which of course it wasn’t!).  They always have fun together in the evenings when I’m cooking dinner, cleaning up or doing something that generally can’t be done while watching a baby all day.

Another part of our routine is the grocery store;  at my in-laws we hit up the g-store almost every day.  It’s completely different from how I lived in Columbia, where we’d trudge to the store about every two weeks and stock up.  Here, we just buy what we need for the immediate time and don’t buy what we won’t eat.  It’s smart because you don’t waste food or money.  So anyways, when I went today I had Hudson in the baby carrier as usual (I wear him on my front and his sweet fluffy hair always sticks up over the top of the carrier) and was just wondering around.  I saw some friends and we were just standing in the medicine aisle chatting about life.  Then as I was checking out the cashier said “Oh, you brought him again! He’s so cute!” and was peeking at Hudson the whole time.

Now these encounters may not seem like anything important to you folks out there, but when I was driving through the parking lot I realized something:  THIS IS MY HOME.  Seriously though.  I was able to chat with friends and talk about normal things instead of “Oh yea, we’re moving here soon blah blah” but instead we just picked up from when we saw each other Friday night!  And the local store people know me (or just my adorable kid).

Well anyways, this little town seems to be working itself into my heart and things seem to be falling into place… finally!   Now for a priceless part of our daily routine here is a video of Andrew and Hudson “rough housing” as I call it.  Each night before we Hudson settled for bed they play together and it is the funniest thing.  Hudson absolutely loves it and it is such a “boy” thing.  Whenever I try to do it with him during the day he usually just looks at me implying that I’m not “doing it right”.  Ahh, being a mom!

Drumroll Please….

After about 8 months of house-searching the decision has been made and the papers have been signed.  We are building a house!  AHHHH!!!  There is so much to say and you will all get to follow along while we go through the process.  Actually, there isn’t much of a process, just waiting 🙂

Our good friends just moved into a new home and we took a look at it and the lots available last week.  Everything was amazing and just what we needed and were hoping for!   Tonight we sat down with the builder and he’s going to start getting the permits tomorrow!  I feel like I should be typing in ALL CAPS to let y’all know how excited we are.

The details:  4 bedrooms, 2 baths.  About 5-6 minutes from Andrew’s parents.  On the lot next to our friends (who just had a baby!).  And did I mention BRAND NEW?!?!

I already let the builder know I’d be buttering him up with homemade sweets and that Hudson and I would be visiting (with our hard hats, of course!).  So HAPPY VALENTINE’S TO ME!  AND YOU!!

Here are my sweet valentines!

And to finish off this is Hudson riding in the buggy for the first time yesterday at the grocery store! (I have since returned that cart cover and purchased a different one!).  He sat up for about 2 minutes and then just flopped over and propped his head on the blanket for the remainder of the shopping trip.  So sweet.

Valentine’s Day Craft

I am obsessed with my child! Everything about him, actually, so when I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up I thought I’d do a little crafting that revolved around Hudson! He grows so fast so I thought I’d capture a bit of him for the family. I had no plans going into this, but here is what we created!

First we prepared Hudson for a mess.  We “borrowed” one of Andrew’s undershirts and covered the highchair with a trash bag.

Then, I painted Hudson’s hand and made the handprints on cardstock.  I was hoping to capture a picture of this but Hudson started screaming as soon as the crafting began and it was an all-out war to just get the handprints before we both lost our minds.  He was hysterical and if anyone had been watching they would have thought I was torturing him.

Then I drew a heart around his sweet handprints and cut them out.

Next I put them on pink construction paper and cut out another heart, and taped them to a piece of red construction paper folded in half “hamburger style”.  My original plan was to stop here and send them out.  But in my obsession with my cutie-pie, I decided I’d add a picture also, and I wanted it to be extra special…


So we “personalized” it to the occasion by making props!

Here was Hudson during all the excitement!

Picture time!!

After a quick trip to Walmart to have copies made, here was the inside.  The bottom picture was taped to the card, and the rest were just pics for the recipients to post on the fridge or wherever!

Random Happenings

Here are a few random snippets of happenings in my life:

1. Going into an ABC store with Hudson in the sling. I had to purchase 2 mini bottles of bourbon for a recipe and I felt like such a horrible mother! However the sales guy wasn’t phased and said the week before he had a lady come in who had given birth 3 days earlier. Wow.

2. Living with most of your belongings in a storage unit is a bit challenging. For example, I am obsessed with my electronic toothbrush and shortly after moving from Columbia, I realized the charger had been packed away in the madness. I knew exactly what box it was in, but WHERE was the question! To make a long story short, I ripped apart the wonderful packaging of at least 10 boxes and as I was shutting the door I looked and there was the box very clearly labeled “BATHROOM”. I was so stinkin’ excited!

3. During my destruction of the storage unit I found all my jeans from before baby. I decided to grab them and just see if they fit. While I was in VA I went shopping for a pair of khakis and discovered I was back to my pre baby size, so I took the hamper home and the next morning I cautiously tried on my absolute favorite pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans. THEY FIT! I love love love them and I am equally as excited to have more pants to wear! As soon as we move/get organized I’ll pack away my “after baby” jeans into a box with maternity clothes.

4. With all the time on my hands (well, time with Hudson) and beautiful weather, I decided to go walking last week. I’ve never been one for exercise, but it was great to get out of the house and get some fresh air. About 45 minutes later I felt like I’d accomplished something with my day! Since Hudson fell asleep I got to catch up on some phone calls and listen to Pandora on my phone. It was almost like finding time to myself! The whole time I just kept thinking how cute I must look with my adorable baby, awesome stroller, and AMAZING Seven jeans that fit again!

5. I started cloth diapering Hudson officially and I’m using them about 95% of the time. I’ll devote an entire post to them soon!

6. The house hunt continues. Some exciting things are in the works and I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m going to wait to tell until all the paperwork is signed!