New House Update 3/31/2012

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted an update- I’m sorry! With a broken computer, family visiting and a trip to Hilton Head, I haven’t had “blogging” time. But I’m back and ready to amaze everyone!  (Thanks to my sis Darby for lending me her laptop!)

Tuesday, March 20 they started installing the siding!  We chose white with black shutters.


 Thursday, March 22 



Back of the house

Saturday, March 31– you won’t believe it!

Gamecock front door!

Looking at the front door. You can see the first layers of paint. It's a really pretty, neutral tan color

Bathroom. Love the bright color!

Kitchen! Cabinets were installed on Friday!

Looking through the opening into the kitchen. I've been dreaming about my yellow walls! You can also see the breakfast nook, which may be my favorite part of the house!

Back deck

Andrew "sitting" where his desk will go in the bonus room. What a goof.

Hudson could care less about all the progress on the house... he just wanted to nibble on his toes the whole time!

Everything is coming together so nicely!  After speaking to Rick (builder) on Friday, we are planning on closing by the end of April!  AHHHH!!  Now I’m going to start having nightmares about moving/unpacking/decorating.  Andrew and I are planning a trip to Hickory, NC to look for a sectional sofa, maybe next weekend, and we still need to find a refrigerator.  I’m going to have to make a “to-do” list, or maybe a book, to keep myself organized!

Anyone have suggestions for favorite furniture stores?

Pictures and Videos, Oh My!

With all the craziness that is happening in our lives, it is time to share some pictures and videos of what’s been going on recently!

Playtime with dad!

I can sit up all by myself!

So sweet...

Relaxing in the recliner!

Visiting with my parents!

Auntie Darby

When I visited Spartanburg Darby and I went to Weecycled Wear, a huge baby/kids consignment sale.  Darby was a ninja and went up and down the racks grabbing everything she knew I’d want before anyone else had a chance to snag anything!  This was my second time going to this sale and it was awesome!  I was able to get some great smocked outfits and church clothes for Hudson.  Most of the items I purchased ranged from $1-$15 each.  I’d never buy these clothes brand new because of the prices, so this is a great opportunity to get things for a lot less!  Any of you with kids need to google consignment sales!

Naked Boy!!

Hudson LOVES to wear only a diaper, and if I’m brave I’ll “treat” him with some nakey time- he always giggles the entire time!

Before we got the Doc Band!

Testing out the sofas at La-z-boy

Andrew and I visited La-Z-Boy last weekend and Hudson had a ball climbing all over the sofas and just being cute in general.

This one is comfy!


1. Hudson’s favorite teething toy… a carrot!  We keep one in the fridge for him at all times!

2. Hudson playing on the floor with some toys in the beginning of March

3.  Another one from earlier in the month… “practicing” standing with dad!

4. Hudson playing in his new “jumperoo”. He loves it (and I do too, since I can get things done while he’s busy playing!

5.  The most random things are the most entertaining… Hudson loves to play with a bear that Andrew has hanging from the ceiling fan!

New House Update 3/18/12

On Friday, March 16 I headed over to check out the house and discovered a bunch of guys installing sheetrock jamming out to some latino music at full blast.  Whatever works!!

Andrew and I were weary of stopping by today because it rained most of the morning and we knew it would be a mud pit (because we may have made a late-evening trip last night to peek at the progress and saw dirt.  everywhere.)  So please excuse my Sperry’s and rolled-up jeans in the pictures… I preferred to keep the mud at the site and not all over my car, clothes, etc.  So on Sunday, March 18 we discovered…

Our front yard has been ripped apart for what I believe is the septic system. I'll know more tomorrow once I speak with Michael to clarify!

TA-DA!!! The sheetrock is being sealed, or whatever the word is for filling in the gaps/nail holes

Hudson and me in the master closet! Amazingness!

Standing in the living room and looking through the opening to the kitchen and breakfast nook.

In the bonus room upstairs!

Front porch. Can't wait to get a swing or rockers!

This week’s dessert for my builders is Banana Spice Cake.  Just finished baking it and had a little taste- delicious!


I love the Rascal Flatts version of “Life is a Highway,” and each time I hear it I get excited.  I’m not sure why, but I always try to ponder the meaning behind the lyrics and it always gets my thoughts going.  Recently I’ve been thinking about life and noticed that sometimes it feels more like a roller coaster than a highway!

Have you ever stopped to think about how we are always wondering what is NEXT?  When you’re little you can’t wait to be older and see a PG13 movie or sit in the front seat of the car. Waiting to get your license, graduate high school, college, get a job etc.  Then you meet a boy and everyone wonders when you’ll get engaged, married, have a baby, and then when is the next baby coming?!

It’s hard not to get caught up in all of it and just enjoy life as it is RIGHT NOW.

So in this moment, take a little time to appreciate all you have and everyone in your life.  Even the small things, like hearing your favorite song on the radio or enjoying a few minutes in the sun.  Sometimes this crazy thing called “life” can run away from you and you’re too busy wondering what is next to enjoy what is happening right in front of you!

Here is my little piece of sunshine!

New House Update 3/12/2012

On Wednesday, March 7 I headed over to the site to meet with Rick (the builder) and drop off the weekly goodies, s’mores brownies.  I had the chance to meet Michael, who works for Rick and is the “man in charge” of our house being built!

As we drive up...

Looking through the house

Attempting to strike a pose in my closet... but Rick isn't quite as good taking pictures as he is at building houses!

On Sunday, March 11 we headed to our house to make some decisions about wiring and check everything out!

Windows are wonderful!

Back of the house

Looking up to the roof!

Monday, March 12 I went to deliver treats, this time 7 layer bars, nom nom!

Shingles have been installed and the HVAC guy was hard at work inside!

I am so excited every time I drive up to our house!  Now that the walls, roof, windows are all under way/completed things will appear to slow down.  Instead, the progress will just move to the inside.  It’s sounding like there is a possibility the house will even be completed before we originally thought (which was the end of May).  So we’ll continue to say our prayers and enjoy watching everything as it happens!

Hudson getting excited to visit our house today!

Life is a Highway…

The past few months have been extremely exciting for our family.  Hudson’s birth, Andrew’s new job in Charlotte, me leaving my job to stay home with Hudson, a move into Andrew’s parents house in York, and now we’re building a house.  That is enough to exhaust anyone, but I don’t see our lives slowing down anytime soon!  Now we have another big decision/event we have been working on and it’s time to share it.

As a parent you want everything to be perfect for your child, no matter what.  Now don’t get off your rockers, Hudson is absolutely fine.  There are no tissue boxes needed, just a little support!  Around the time Hudson was 3 months old I noticed the back left of his head was a bit flat.  After asking my pediatricians about it, they both mentioned it was cosmetic and not to worry about it.  Well, I wasn’t a fan of that answer and had been thinking more about it.  Then about a month ago I was going through my Google Reader and Erin at Blue Eyed Bride posted about her son and the decision they were making to correct the flatness on his head.  I truly felt like God was giving me a sign.  Right away I started doing a lot more in depth research and after discussing it with Andrew, we made an appointment with Cranial Technologies in Charlotte.

Before the appointment I repeatedly asked Andrew “what’s the worse thing that will happen, they tell me I’m nuts?”  So we went to the appointment and they confirmed what we’d been thinking.  Hudson has moderate plagiocephaly and would benefit from receiving a Doc Band.  After much thought, discussion and prayer we decided it is definitely what we are going to do for him.

He will get his Doc Band March 19 and will wear it for 10-12 weeks for 23 hours a day.  At first it is pretty daunting to think about, but what I keep asking myself is what would I tell Hudson when he comes to me in 10-15 years and is being bullied because his head is misshapen and I turned down the opportunity to fix it when he was an infant?  I would be heartbroken.  The treatment therapist we met with compared it to braces;  if your teeth are crooked you wear braces to correct the problem, this is no different.   The helmet weighs only 6 ounces and is specifically made to fit his head shape.  It doesn’t bother him at all and all the parents who have posted online say the babies don’t even notice they are wearing it!

I’ve seen babies with helmets before and didn’t really know what they were for, but I am now better educated to know it is to help re-shape their heads.  Hudson’s brain is not affected by this and if we didn’t do anything to correct it he would not have any problems later in life other than his head not being symmetrical.

I’ve already started brainstorming how I will “decorate” his helmet and he will be sporting a gamecock theme- duh!

Gamecock from birth!

I’m sure we’ll get some weird stares and lots of questions, which is fine.  I will be battling with myself over not wanting people to think there is something “wrong” with my baby.  But in my heart I know this is what’s absolutely best for him and I am thankful we are able to do this.

So when you see Hudson in pictures with a helmet, don’t worry, he will be the same cute monster we all know him to be!

Random Happenings

A few random happenings in my life right now…

1. My dad came to have lunch with Hudson and I Monday and rode his Spyder motorcycle.   Here is a cute pic!

2. This past weekend Andrew was munching on some carrots and Hudson decided to grab one from him and start gnawing on it.  It was hilarious, so we just let him enjoy!  He hasn’t really started eating food yet, but I’m sure it felt good on his gums!

3. I’ve now tried to feed Hudson sweet potatoes and avocado and he wasn’t having it.  He’d swish it around in his mouth, spit it out and look at me like I’m crazy.  3 spoonfuls in and he was done each time I tried!  So yesterday I gave in and purchased 4 different flavors of baby food.  My plan is to figure out what he likes (which is easy when the jars are already prepared!) and then I’ll make the foods he likes from the actual fruit or vegetable.  Our first try today was a success- pears!

Not a fan of sweet potatoes, just like daddy!

4. I caught Andrew’s cold last weekend and I’ve been suffering every since!  The hard thing with breastfeeding is that most of what you put in your body will somehow go to the baby, so I can’t take the normal meds for the symptoms, such as DayQuil.  Instead, I’m stuck with Tylenol and Claritin, which don’t really help much.  It really stunk when I had that “I want to be taken care of” feeling and then I realized that wasn’t going to be happening- Moms don’t get “taken care of” because they are DOING the “taking care of”!    So I had a mom moment and I realized that in the future every time I get sick I won’t be able to mope around and wallow in my sickness.  That’s one of the things they don’t tell you in the “What to Expect” book…

5. Hudson is really improving on sitting up by himself!  He is really enjoying playing with toys and one of his new favorites is a “laptop”.  The funny thing is that he likes to close it every time it is opened up.  He will close it over and over and over….

6.  We’ve been cooking healthy at home while everyone is trying to shed a few pounds (except me!) and I’ve found a new cookboook that has awesome meals but are still pretty low-cal.  It’s by Patti Labelle and I highly recommend checking it out- I have borrowed it from the library but may need to purchase it!

7.  Walmart-  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the people in the York Walmart are extremely friendly.  People are usually shocked to see Hudson in a baby carrier on the front of my body (vs. a carseat I guess?) and always want to look at him, which is hard considered he is smushed up against my chest, usually asleep!  I can’t ever get out of there without being stopped about half a dozen times!  And as usual, I only have to wait behind one person to checkout!  York is SO different!  P.S.  Anyone with a baby shouldn’t prop the carseat on the top of the buggy where kids are supposed to sit.  It’s extremely unsafe for the baby if the carseat falls out.  I just put Hudson in a baby carrier or put the entire carseat in the buggy.

8.  This pic is just too cute not to share!  When I was shopping for a dress a fen w weeks ago my little man kept me company from a rather unusual spot!

Apparently my legs are good for helping stay balanced!

9.  Cloth diapers continue to be a success and I’m really proud of myself for using them 100% of the time!

That’s all for now, folks!  Here is a pic of our little family!