Life just got a little easier!

I am not into techie stuff, but I am going to tell y’all about an awesome online program Andrew bugged me to try, and I ended up loving.  It is called Dashlane and from their website it “helps people take control of their own data, while making their lives more convenient and secure.”

Dashlane stores your personal data (login and password, address, bank/credit card info and anything needed for online forms for any websites) and automatically fills it in for you!  The first thing I questioned Andrew about was the security of the program.  He was quick to tell me that Dashlane can’t see your information because of the local encryption they use for all the information, and even if the government approaches them, they can’t access your info.

Now Andrew bugged me about this program for weeks and weeks and the only way he got me to look at it was by some “If you give me 5 minutes looking at this program, then I’ll….” except I don’t know what he did for me, but it must’ve been important for me to agree!   After he set it up and I continued on with my web-browsing for the night the program just did it’s thing;  it would start to remember different logins and information and then fill it in as I did stuff.  I didn’t tell Andrew right away that I liked it, because that would be admitting defeat against anything technology-related.


Long story short, it saves all the different logins and passwords for all the sites I use.  It will also generate super-strong passwords and just remember them for you.  There is also a “SecureNote” section that you can makes notes on anything you want to remember.  The only tip I have: Don’t forget your master password, and make it a good one!  If you forget it, you will lose everything you’ve saved and it can’t be emailed to you!

So here is a link to join (if you do I earn points in the program!).  I’m not getting “paid” to promote this program, I just seriously love it and since I am not generally impressed by this stuff, when something IS awesome, I’m going to tell y’all!