New House Update 4/10/2012

It’s getting harder to show major progress since the house is so close to completion!  On Thursday, April 5 they began installing the flooring!

There will be wood in the living room, hall and kitchen

Bathroom and laundry room floor


I have been bad about taking pictures the past few days, so I headed over to the house with my camera today, Tuesday, April 10.

Wood floors are done! I LOVE them!

Ceiling fan in the living room (a must for Andrew!) The vaulted ceiling makes the room seem huge!

Toilets installed, plumbing all finished!

Dishwasher and faucets are in!

Garage Door!

Back yard is being graded this week. Andrew and I have been trying to figure out what to do for fencing; pay someone or do it ourselves?

There isn’t much left to do- I can’t believe it!  I think the last 2 weeks are going to be the hardest because now I can actually picture us living in our new home.  I’m already thinking about organizing and decorating but I can’t actually do any of it yet, which is frustrating!  This past Saturday we purchased a refrigerator and sofa and loveseat!  Hopefully the last big purchase will be the fence and then we will hold off before we spend any more (large) amounts of money.

  • Susan Enright

    WOW- it looks like it’s ready to move into.  HOW EXCITING!!!