So I stopped by the house today to get window measurements for blinds.  Simple enough, right?  Well, Rick (my builder) was there with a bazillion different people working on the finishing touches when he casually says, “Oh, you can move in next week.”  EXCUSE ME?!?!

So people… this is craziness!!  All of a sudden everything is happening very quickly!  This means so many things; I need to move up the delivery of the refrigerator, try to find a way to get the sofas delivered sooner (meaning I need to find a truck), get everything we own out of storage and unpacked, think about decorating, setting up utilities, figuring out how Andrew and his brother are going to install a fence, and move everything we’ve been living with at Andrew’s parents.  But that’s just a few things… ahhh!  Oh, and I guess we’ll have to start paying our mortgage!

The only thing I can think of to describe all this was already said by Hudson yesterday….

Let the madness begin!

Doc Band Update – Week 2/3

In my last update I told you that Hudson had a week off from his helmet while they were making him a new one. Last Monday we headed back to Charlotte to start over!

At the office trying on the new helmet. They adjusted it a little more so it didn't cover his eyes, but as you can tell it didn't bother him any!

We ran into a snag when Hudson got a heat rash. After a trip to CLT to check it out he didn't wear it for 24 hours and it healed quickly!

Hanging with Dad!

He can't quite crawl but he can scoot backwards! I think this is the perfect time for him to wear his doc band, while he is getting into everything!

At our appointment yesterday they brought in a dummy of his head from when we started treatment, and after only 2 weeks in the doc band there is such a difference already!  It really is remarkable how easy and effective this process has been so far, even with a few snags.

New House Update 4/10/2012

It’s getting harder to show major progress since the house is so close to completion!  On Thursday, April 5 they began installing the flooring!

There will be wood in the living room, hall and kitchen

Bathroom and laundry room floor


I have been bad about taking pictures the past few days, so I headed over to the house with my camera today, Tuesday, April 10.

Wood floors are done! I LOVE them!

Ceiling fan in the living room (a must for Andrew!) The vaulted ceiling makes the room seem huge!

Toilets installed, plumbing all finished!

Dishwasher and faucets are in!

Garage Door!

Back yard is being graded this week. Andrew and I have been trying to figure out what to do for fencing; pay someone or do it ourselves?

There isn’t much left to do- I can’t believe it!  I think the last 2 weeks are going to be the hardest because now I can actually picture us living in our new home.  I’m already thinking about organizing and decorating but I can’t actually do any of it yet, which is frustrating!  This past Saturday we purchased a refrigerator and sofa and loveseat!  Hopefully the last big purchase will be the fence and then we will hold off before we spend any more (large) amounts of money.

New House Update 4/4/2012

Yesterday was the drop off for the weekly goodies to my builders (last week was Buttermilk cake with yummy icing) and this week I made my favorite yet: chocolate sour cream pound cake!  With all this baking, I am definitely going to need to acquire a mixer before I move into my house, because right now I’m using my MIL’s (that’s Mother in Law, ppl!)

As usual I was amazed with the progress!

A DRIVEWAY!!! No more trudging through the mud!

All the scraps being burned- guess this means we are really getting close to done!

Sorry for the awful lighting, but the light fixtures have been hung! And a microwave!

My favorite part of the house!

Bathroom light fixture- I love it!

Fan in the master. AKA: Andrew's must-have!

I love how all the fixtures are the same style, but different.  If I remember correctly, some of the flooring will start going in on Thursday and the countertops in the kitchen on Friday (I think!).  So then we will be waiting on the last bit of paint and a few more random things and then we can MOVE IN!  AHHHH!!!!


Where’s Hudson?!

On Monday Hudson and I headed to Charlotte for his Doc Band appointment to get his new band, which was successful.  Afterwards I figured I should go sofa shopping since I was already in the “big city” and Andrew and I hadn’t found a chance to go over the weekend.  So I headed to Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go with Hudson in tow.  He’s so stinkin’ cute that everyone always wants to talk to him and he makes shopping even more fun!

Whenever I saw a couch/sectional I liked I took a picture so I could show Andrew later.  Because Hudson likes to eat everything, including my phone, I would position him on the couch when I took the picture so I didn’t just snap a photo of his mouth.  Last night when I was showing Andrew the pictures and we died laughing.  Here’s why…

Do you see Hudson?! I blocked him in with the pillows so he couldn't fall, not even thinking about how funny the picture would turn out!


Here I scooted the ottoman up against the couch in case he tumbled forward! He looks so stern in this one!

Just checking things out!

I’m still cracking up at these pictures!  He was a wonderful shopping companion and I wish I had gotten a picture of the couch set I think we are going to end up purchasing, but there was no way to block him in so he wouldn’t fall.

I’m headed to the Rooms to Go outlet (the sales guy let it slip that there is one in Charlotte!) on Thursday, so maybe I’ll have some more funny pics, but these may be the best because they were unintentional.  I can’t wait to show them to him someday, maybe to a potential girlfriend!

Vacay in Hilton Head!

Last week Hudson and I were lucky enough to join some family in Hilton Head for a short vacation!  Andrew had to work so he was left alone with all his meals prepared and plenty of time for computer gaming! Andrew’s parents and aunt and uncle (from California) went to stay for a week and we headed down a few days later.

Hudson loves the big bed! The Pack-N-Play they provided was awful so he ended up sleeping with me... lucky boy!

Wearing his adorable hat!

Biking with mom!

Wearing our Carolina gear!

Being cute...

Who doesn't love a baby's butt?!?!

Shopping at the outlets is exhausting!

Hanging out

Playing with his Emie

Hudson with his Great Aunt Cheryl, Great Uncle David and Emie, of course!

We didn’t spend much time down on the beach, but Hudson did put his feet in the water!  I can’t wait for this summer when he can wear his cute swim diaper and enjoy the pool/beach.


Doc Band Update – Week 1

Last Monday marked 1 full week with Hudson’s Doc Band.  Click Here to read my first post about our decision to go forward with the treatment for plagiocephaly.

The first two days Hudson wore the doc band for 3 hours and then we took it off for a little while to check for any irritation.  By Wednesday he was wearing it for the required 23 hours a day.  From the first day he was wearing the band he barely even acknowledged it he was wearing it.  A few times throughout the week he would put his hands on the helmet, but otherwise he didn’t pay it any attention, which was a giant relief for me.

A little blurry, but playing in the jumperoo!

The only major “thing” we dealt with regarding the doc band is sweating.  Hudson already sweats whenever he eats, sleeps, sits in his carseat, etc.  Sweating is one of the main issues I was informed of when he got the band and since his body already participates in this activity, we have to be extra careful to keep his body temperature regulated.  With the weather quickly warming up he will only be wearing onesies.  I’m allowed to remove the band for a few minutes to cool him down if he gets really sweaty after eating or a long car ride.

Fast asleep!

So last Monday we headed to Charlotte for our 1 week checkup.  I had been a little concerned about the band slipping too low over his eyes throughout the week, but knew they would make adjustments once we got there.  Our therapist didn’t like it either, and they ended up taking pictures of him wearing the band and sending them to the headquarters for the company.  They decided the band wasn’t fitting Hudson’s head like they had hoped and they needed to make him another band.

WHAT !?!?  Each band is made from a series of 3D pictures taken of Hudson’s head.  A model of his head is also made from these pictures.  The bands are unique to each baby and must fit perfectly for the correction to take place.  I was a little upset about starting over at first, but quickly appreciated the care they are taking with Hudson’s treatment.  His head is being reshaped and I am so glad that Cranial Technologies is making sure the helmet fits him just right.

So… I will go back to Charlotte tomorrow to get his new helmet.   We will be one week behind in treatment, but after just the first week he already had noticeable improvement, which was awesome!  I decorated with some Gamecock stickers and will have to do that again, but no big deal.One of the things I thought a lot about was what other people may say.  On the way home from getting his Doc Band I stopped by the grocery store.  On the way in a little girl was about 5 feet away and goes “Mommy, what’s wrong with that’s baby’s head?”  I wanted to scream “NOTHING!  He’s perfect!”, but I restrained myself.  Then when I was inside, a lady stopped me and told us how her grandson had a helmet and it really helped him.  For the rest of the week I had people commenting on how they all knew someone whose baby had worn a helmet also.  It was really encouraging and also surprising at how popular the helmets are!

So in conclusion, Andrew and I are really happy we have decided to go through with this treatment for Hudson.  I will only help him and I know we are receiving the best treatment, so it’s a win-win situation!