Trouble… With a Capital “H”

Moving into a new house, we were lucky that we could baby-proof from the beginning.  For the most part, I just didn’t put things where I knew he could get to them, and bought/acquired furniture that I knew wouldn’t be a danger (such as a leather ottoman instead of a huge coffee table!).

Since Hudson has become mobile, aka “super crawler”, his newfound favorite activities are the few things left that he shouldn’t be messing with.  Figures.  So here is what we do for the majority of the day:

Dog food:  The first time he discovered the dog food he seemed to only be messing with the water bowl.  No biggie, so I just moved him away.  About 2 minutes later I noticed he was sucking on something.  Yea, it was dog food.  Bleh!  So I moved it into the laundry room (attached to our kitchen), but he knows EXACLTLY where it is, so I have to shut the door to prevent him from having a tasty snack.  Only problem with this, you ask?  Well, the dogs can’t get to their food or water.  So I have to open/close the door multiple times a day.

Anyone have a better solution?  I can’t think of anywhere the dogs can get to, that Hudson can’t.  Since the pups aren’t allowed on the furniture, it’s not like I can put it up on a pedestal somewhere.

Pantry:  My pantry is in the corner of my kitchen, right where all the action happens, and I’m in-and-out of it throughout the day, so I generally just push the door so it’s touching the door frame.  Well, little man knows how to pull it open so he can crawl inside and chew on whatever he finds.

Don’t flip out, y’all. It’s just a bottle of cream soda!

Stairs:  Our house is one level with a room above the garage, so the stairs are by the front door.  About two weeks ago it was TOO quiet in the house and I found Hudson up 3.5 stairs! AHHH!  I’ve now purchased two separate gates that don’t fit, and have ordered an extra-wide one.

Toilets:  I guess I should have known, but this kid likes to put his hands in the toilet water and splash.  Eww.  At least I clean them frequently, but still.  Guess I’ll be purchasing toilet seat locks.  Hopefully I don’t get tricked in the middle of the night!

Toilet Paper:  A good many of his toys have spinning parts, which he is an expert at twirling around.  So it figures that once he realized the toilet paper roll does the same thing, but produces a MUCH more fun result (tp everywhere!) he heads straight for it.

Trash cans:  Along with toilets, he likes to play in the trash can next to the toilet.  I’ve now had to relocate it to a shelf.

Remote Controls:  No matter where I put them, he manages to get them.  Super-Baby.

Watching the Gamecock baseball team win the Regionals!

Dog Crates:  Apparently they are really fun because he loves to climb in/around them a majority of the day.  I’m working on a solution to hide them, but two dog crates aren’t the easiest thing to conceal.  Especially when the dogs and I have to be able to get to them easily.  So for now I just have to fish Hudson out of them from time to time when he gets stuck.  Poor kid.

Shoes:  He likes to eat them.  If they are left lying ANYWHERE that he can reach, he finds them.  And puts them in his mouth.

**I’m sure the easy way to prevent the bathroom fiascos would be by not letting him in the bathroom.  Well, all you non-parents out there, how else am I to get a shower, or at least brush my teeth?  The sweet little thing just wants to be near me, and even if I put him in his room and sprint to the bathroom, he manages to super-crawl his way in with me.