So I stopped by the house today to get window measurements for blinds.  Simple enough, right?  Well, Rick (my builder) was there with a bazillion different people working on the finishing touches when he casually says, “Oh, you can move in next week.”  EXCUSE ME?!?!

So people… this is craziness!!  All of a sudden everything is happening very quickly!  This means so many things; I need to move up the delivery of the refrigerator, try to find a way to get the sofas delivered sooner (meaning I need to find a truck), get everything we own out of storage and unpacked, think about decorating, setting up utilities, figuring out how Andrew and his brother are going to install a fence, and move everything we’ve been living with at Andrew’s parents.  But that’s just a few things… ahhh!  Oh, and I guess we’ll have to start paying our mortgage!

The only thing I can think of to describe all this was already said by Hudson yesterday….

Let the madness begin!

New House Update 4/10/2012

It’s getting harder to show major progress since the house is so close to completion!  On Thursday, April 5 they began installing the flooring!

There will be wood in the living room, hall and kitchen

Bathroom and laundry room floor


I have been bad about taking pictures the past few days, so I headed over to the house with my camera today, Tuesday, April 10.

Wood floors are done! I LOVE them!

Ceiling fan in the living room (a must for Andrew!) The vaulted ceiling makes the room seem huge!

Toilets installed, plumbing all finished!

Dishwasher and faucets are in!

Garage Door!

Back yard is being graded this week. Andrew and I have been trying to figure out what to do for fencing; pay someone or do it ourselves?

There isn’t much left to do- I can’t believe it!  I think the last 2 weeks are going to be the hardest because now I can actually picture us living in our new home.  I’m already thinking about organizing and decorating but I can’t actually do any of it yet, which is frustrating!  This past Saturday we purchased a refrigerator and sofa and loveseat!  Hopefully the last big purchase will be the fence and then we will hold off before we spend any more (large) amounts of money.

New House Update 3/31/2012

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted an update- I’m sorry! With a broken computer, family visiting and a trip to Hilton Head, I haven’t had “blogging” time. But I’m back and ready to amaze everyone!  (Thanks to my sis Darby for lending me her laptop!)

Tuesday, March 20 they started installing the siding!  We chose white with black shutters.


 Thursday, March 22 



Back of the house

Saturday, March 31– you won’t believe it!

Gamecock front door!

Looking at the front door. You can see the first layers of paint. It's a really pretty, neutral tan color

Bathroom. Love the bright color!

Kitchen! Cabinets were installed on Friday!

Looking through the opening into the kitchen. I've been dreaming about my yellow walls! You can also see the breakfast nook, which may be my favorite part of the house!

Back deck

Andrew "sitting" where his desk will go in the bonus room. What a goof.

Hudson could care less about all the progress on the house... he just wanted to nibble on his toes the whole time!

Everything is coming together so nicely!  After speaking to Rick (builder) on Friday, we are planning on closing by the end of April!  AHHHH!!  Now I’m going to start having nightmares about moving/unpacking/decorating.  Andrew and I are planning a trip to Hickory, NC to look for a sectional sofa, maybe next weekend, and we still need to find a refrigerator.  I’m going to have to make a “to-do” list, or maybe a book, to keep myself organized!

Anyone have suggestions for favorite furniture stores?

New House Update 3/18/12

On Friday, March 16 I headed over to check out the house and discovered a bunch of guys installing sheetrock jamming out to some latino music at full blast.  Whatever works!!

Andrew and I were weary of stopping by today because it rained most of the morning and we knew it would be a mud pit (because we may have made a late-evening trip last night to peek at the progress and saw dirt.  everywhere.)  So please excuse my Sperry’s and rolled-up jeans in the pictures… I preferred to keep the mud at the site and not all over my car, clothes, etc.  So on Sunday, March 18 we discovered…

Our front yard has been ripped apart for what I believe is the septic system. I'll know more tomorrow once I speak with Michael to clarify!

TA-DA!!! The sheetrock is being sealed, or whatever the word is for filling in the gaps/nail holes

Hudson and me in the master closet! Amazingness!

Standing in the living room and looking through the opening to the kitchen and breakfast nook.

In the bonus room upstairs!

Front porch. Can't wait to get a swing or rockers!

This week’s dessert for my builders is Banana Spice Cake.  Just finished baking it and had a little taste- delicious!

New House Update 3/12/2012

On Wednesday, March 7 I headed over to the site to meet with Rick (the builder) and drop off the weekly goodies, s’mores brownies.  I had the chance to meet Michael, who works for Rick and is the “man in charge” of our house being built!

As we drive up...

Looking through the house

Attempting to strike a pose in my closet... but Rick isn't quite as good taking pictures as he is at building houses!

On Sunday, March 11 we headed to our house to make some decisions about wiring and check everything out!

Windows are wonderful!

Back of the house

Looking up to the roof!

Monday, March 12 I went to deliver treats, this time 7 layer bars, nom nom!

Shingles have been installed and the HVAC guy was hard at work inside!

I am so excited every time I drive up to our house!  Now that the walls, roof, windows are all under way/completed things will appear to slow down.  Instead, the progress will just move to the inside.  It’s sounding like there is a possibility the house will even be completed before we originally thought (which was the end of May).  So we’ll continue to say our prayers and enjoy watching everything as it happens!

Hudson getting excited to visit our house today!

New House Update 2/23/2012

On February 14 we signed the contract and met with the builder- exciting!  Well the next morning the builder (Rick) was already on our property checking things out!  He is well-known in the area and we’ve only heard great things about him, but less than 14 hours after meeting him he was already getting to work- I LOVE HIM!!  (tee-hee just in a “he’s going to build me a house!” kinda way).

Well I was going to head out there to take “before” pictures of the land so I could compare progress but Rick had other plans.  By friday (3 days after meeting him) he already had the driveway dug out and the dirt arranged where the house would be built!  So here are the pictures I took Monday, February 20.

It's OURS! I was thinking about getting some gamecock swag and decorating the sign... is that allowed?!

View from the road looking up our driveway


The first big piece of equipment!

The view of our land from my friend/neighbors' driveway. The grass is not ours- just look beyond to the dirt!


I think I mentioned previously that I told Rick (the builder) I was going to be baking him sweets.  It benefits us both; I like to bake but everyone in the house is “eating healthy” except me (duh!).  And of course Rick likes sweets so I get to bake AND keep my builder happy.  A perfect relationship.

I was excited when Rick picked up the permits to start building Wednesday.  Guess what he was doing the same day?  ALREADY STARTING THE FOOTING!!   I’m telling you, this guy is great.  For someone who has dealt with trying to buy a short sale, being able to see actual progress is giving me the chance to get excited!  Our friends Trey and Katelan just moved into their house next to our lot a few weeks ago and they have 3 kids (one who was born in December!)  I was joking with her because instead of being a house-stalker I’ll just be visiting her and the kids and HAPPEN to be seeing the progress on my house.        Win-Win again… I get out of the house and hang with a friend, Hudson gets social interaction (and he LOVES playing with different toys!) and the small coincidence of seeing my house.  Beautiful.  Hopefully Katelan doesn’t get tired of us!

Here are the pictures I took yesterday, Wednesday, February 22.

Digging the footing... basically the shape of the house!

The yard in front of the house

Well… before I had time to get the pictures into this post and publish it, you’ll never guess what happened.  MORE PROGRESS!  I was having an awful morning/afternoon and I received a text from Katelan.  It said “look at your house” and the picture was wonderful- my day turned completely around!

Here are the pictures from Thursday, February 23.

We are going VERTICAL!!


This monstrosity was digging the well. You see us country people don't use city water...

Mackenzie and Sawyer (Katelan and Trey's adorable kids) and Hudson and I just hanging out on construction equipment!

Rick is hoping to start framing on Tuesday.  That means we have to hurry up and pick out siding/shutter colors, paint colors for inside, and cabinet/granite colors!  AHH!!