With a house, comes a yard

We’ve been working hard on our yard since we moved into our house, and it is looking great! Here are a few of the projects so far…

Fence: This was a must-have for the pups.  Andrew, along with his dad and brother, spent two full days to build our fence!

Just getting started…

Hudson keeping an eye on the progress

Hudson was tired from his position as project manager so he decided to take a nap with his booty in the air!

The guys wanted me to try to work the hydraulic hole digger. It was hard!


Garden: If you look in the picture above with me in it you can see the temporary garden I created when we first moved in.  I had plants that needed to be in the ground, so I basically just dug holes in the red dirt/clay and stuck them in there!  My plants weren’t fans of that solution, so we built them a much better area to grow!

Tomato, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Zucchini and Squash. Nom nom nom

Swing:  I really wanted a swing for Hudson, so when we had the hole digger for the fence we used it to start on the swing.  A few weeks later (luckily the pups didn’t fall in the holes!) we (and by this I mean Andrew and his dad!) erected his swing, which he LOVES!

He squeals every time we walk in the backyard and he sees the swing!

Flag:  Everyone needs an American flag.  And then a Carolina flag.

Grill:  My parents bought us this grill as a house-warming gift and we christened it with our first cookout over Memorial Day weekend!

Deck Lattice:  The first week my dogs were in our fence I almost had a breakdown.  Every time they’d come inside there was red dirt caked in their paws.  They were going under our deck and I didn’t have time to take them to the hose every time they had to go outside.  So Andrew and his dad saved my sanity!  Haven’t had a problem since!